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Who are they?

The JNcQUOI group promotes unique social experiences in a vibrant environment, where convenience and personalized services are privileged. From fashion to restaurants, each JNcQUOI is a space that celebrates the style, culture and gastronomy of the local community.

JNcQUOI is our sponsor.

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Quebramar, a Portuguese clothing brand inspired by nautical themes, was founded in 1989. Its collections are a balanced mix of sporty and urban styles, which has contributed to it becoming one of the leading fashion brands in Portugal.

Quebramar is our sponsor and the one who dresses the Club 7 team.

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Rubis Gás is a top distributor of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), offering reliable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and industries. Known for safety and excellent customer service, Rubis Gás delivers clean energy efficiently across various regions.

Rubis Gás is our sponsor.

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Wilson is a renowned sports equipment manufacturer known for its high-quality products across various sports, including tennis, basketball, baseball, and golf.

Wilson is our sponsor and who dresses our tennis and padel coaches.

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Cupra is a contemporary automotive brand known for its high-performance and stylish vehicles. It focuses on creating sporty, innovative and sustainable cars that offer a unique driving experience.

Cupra is our sponsor.

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Carlsberg is a world-renowned Danish brewing company, known for its refreshing lagers and its commitment to quality. Founded in 1847, Carlsberg has a rich heritage of brewing experience and innovation.

Carlsberg is our sponsor and the official supplier of the beer available at Club 7.

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Sogrape is a Portuguese wine company with a rich heritage dating back to 1942. Known for its dedication to producing high-quality wines that reflect Portugal’s diverse terroirs, Sogrape has established itself as a leader in the global wine industry.

Sogrape is the official supplier of wines at Club 7.

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Violeta no Mundo doesn’t just focus on flowers, they create arrangements that elevate spaces and bring life into the home. It also offers a variety of lifestyle products, such as vases, plant pots, textiles, candles and more.

Violeta no Mundo is Club 7’s flower stylist.

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Now Club is an innovative language school that sets itself apart with its engaging teaching method, avoiding too much theory. In 2020, the pandemic boosted its growth, as the transition to online teaching was essential to strengthen its position in the market.

Now Club is responsible for making our staff multilingual for simpler dialog with our members.

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